Throughout the program, Flo displayed incredible versatility as a coach, while also using his scientific background to provide the most current and reputable information.”

”His personal experience with nutrition and his passion for climbing and physical training meant that his coaching was a reflection of his own healthy habits, which motivated me to reach my own health goals.”

”When a particular lifestyle or nutritional change worked well for me, he applied his knowledge to further the benefits that I was experiencing. When an approach turned out to be less effective, he used this information to come up with other viable options.”

”When I experienced the sudden onset of serious, unexplained digestive issues, I began working with Flo to explore ways to relieve my symptoms through nutritional and lifestyle changes. While I waited to see doctors and specialists, he provided me with valuable information and motivation, which ultimately narrowed down the potential causes and greatly reduced the discomfort and weight loss that I was experiencing. This sped up the investigation and treatment that I underwent with my physicians, but more importantly, helped me to take ownership of my health and to build habits that continue to improve my quality of life.
— Evan, student, former Environmental Technician