A Scientist Turned Coach. 


As an Environmental Scientist working in consulting for 10 years, I have observed a similar pattern in every workplace: people feeling stressed-out, unsatisfied with work and with life, looking and feeling unhealthy, having low energy and low thirst for life, and overall feeling numb. In fact, I have been there myself.

Most of us are well aware that our health, well-being and productivity are not optimal. And yet, nothing changes. Why do we get stuck? Over the years, my passion for health, fitness, nutrition and science led me to bring a few pieces together. I started experimenting on myself, friends and family.

Well, the results were so significant that I started nurturing the idea: what if I could help others become better versions of themselves? With the full support of people around me, I made the leap and got certified as a Health Coach, and started my coaching practice. With my science background, I designed coaching programs that incorporate exclusively habits that have been scientifically proven to be effective. I stripped away all the unnecessary “fluff” that I have seen in other coaching practices. And the results are… beyond expectations.

The science is there. Someone had to put it together.

I aim to combine this scientific approach with a friendly, approachable style, in all honesty and simplicity.


Scientist, Rock Climber and Mover,

I have a passion for life-long learning in Nutrition, Fitness, Biology, Behavioral Psychology and Brain Science.


Flo on the GuitarBorn Project

“For nearly 10 years, Florentin had a steady 9-5 working as an Environmental Consultant. Also an avid rock climber, he had a passion for healthy living and felt drawn to use this knowledge to help guide others towards achieving peak physical and mental performance. In recent years, he began throwing around the idea of starting his own company centered around health coaching, when finally early in 2018, he took a risk, made the leap, and left his job to devote time and energy to this other side of himself. After all, life is too short, and you only regret the things you didn’t do. Flo you're an amazing example of pursuing your passion, and we are so grateful to have you be a part of this community!”