Certified Health Coach

I studied and got certified through the Health Coach Institute (based in the US). I am certified as both a Health Coach and a Life Coach. The program I went through is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners, via their CCE program (Continuing Coach Education). It is also recognized by the Canadian Health Coach Alliance. In this program, I learned coaching methods, in particular a method called the “Transformational Coaching Method”, focused on mastering Habit Change.

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences

M.Sc. Economics and Sustainability

I obtained my Master’s degree with First Class Honors from the University of Paris-11, France. I subsequently had 10-year career in the fields of Renewable Energy, Air Quality, Environmental Impact Assessment and Soil and Groundwater Pollution. A lot of my scientific knowledge applies to my Health Coaching practice: chemistry, biology, human exposure to environmental toxins, scientific methods, etc. A a scientist, I know where to look for real scientific research, identify the bogus ones or industry-sponsored papers, read and properly interpret scientific results, and avoid over-generalization as is commonly done in nutrition and fitness.

I got a second Master’s degree with Honors from the University of Lille-3, France. I dug deeper into studying the use and management of natural resources and learned about business development and entrepreneurship.

FloLab Healh Coaching, as a growing company, reflects this Environmental Scientist background through implementing sustainable practices.

Rock Climbing and Movement

… And A Lifelong Student

I have a passion for rock climbing and am a student of Move to Move, a Movement culture training facility based in Calgary. I have learned a great deal about fitness, training methods, injury prevention, strength and balancing the body.

I am passionate about the human body and have also studied on my own the fields of nutrition, behavioral psychology, and, finally, epigenetics.